song about sweden - simple plan

We are in Sweden
(And the girls are fucking hot)
And the girls are fucking hot
(They're pretty good at hockey)
Pretty good at hockey
(But Canada kicks their ass)
But Canada might kick your ass
(We’re going out tonight)
We’re going out tonight
(Until the sun comes up)
Until the sun comes up
My heart can’t stop beating
‘Cause I love Sweden
We are in Sweden
And the blue-eyed girls are hot
(And the brown-eyed girls too)
(I love all of you)
(Everybody’s hot)
Come backstage to party
And everyone gets naked
‘Cause I love Sweden

You’re really great at designing stuff
And your cars are better than German cars
You can probably beat Canada at hockey
(Eh, who knows? It could happen)
And everyone's so beautiful
That’s why I’m moving to Sweden

Postat av: Helena

åh vad jag gillar din blogg :)

2010-04-10 @ 09:42:55
Postat av: emma

Haha, köpte Grease på Stadsmissionen för tio kronor, haha

2010-04-10 @ 22:16:33
Postat av: emma

haha älskar att han säger "the girls and all that, and IKEA and yea..." hahaha <3

2010-04-10 @ 22:18:50

Kommentera något? :)

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